Pizzeria della Madonna

Pizzeria della Madonna or Madonna is a pizzeria hosted in a modern, bright space in Colonia Roma CDMX.
While the menu is focused primarily on pizza, Madonna offers antipasti, classicf dried pasta dishes from the center and south of Italy and a few other food items to complement the pizza experience.

The pizza dough is achieved through a long, natural fermentation (sourdough) of approximately 100/120 hours, with a very high hidration for better digestion.
The recipe has a variety of refined and wholegrain flours to enhance flavor and texture in the dough and to promote gut’s biodiversity. The grains used are spelt or farro, rye and wheat.

The ingredients are sourced locally where possible, or imported from Italy as in the case of the San Marzano tomatoes from Naples and the fiordilatte cheese from Sorrento. The menu features seasonal and everchanging pizzas as well as classics such as Margherita.  

The wooden oven is the center piece of the arquitecture, with a diameter of two metre.
It was hand-built in Mexico featuring volcanic stone as a base, and it was inspired by Ruth and Richard Rodgers’s oven at their restaurant River Café in London. 

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