Sartoria is my first restaurant.
Think of it as a first love: imperfect, yet unforgettable. 
It is a modern osteria located in the hearth of Colonia Roma, Mexico City. The arquitecture was jolly performed by Taller ADG, and won a few prizes too.    
We serve made-to-order organic pasta at the pasta bar + some antipasti and seasonal protein choices. Home made gelato and dolci. Actually we make just about everything in house. Extensive wine list and coravin, craft cocktails. Lovely amaros if you fancy.
As well as any osteria, it can be noisy, but also romantic.
The rumours are true: you can listen to the conversation at the other side of the arch if you are sitting in the right spot. Like in Bologna, if you have been to the four corners. Thus, be careful with the dates you bring. 
We have been cooking in our excruciatingly small kitchen for five years and counting, and we have had much fun the process. 
We have survived a 8.2 eartquake and a global pandemic. 
If you come, order the gnocco fritto - if you don’t you will regret it in some other life or in this one - and some antipasti to share. Order pasta without restrain. Plenty of dolci and gelato to share of course and an espresso, and treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine. Life is too short to drink bad grape juice. 
I am so grateful I did open this restaurant, as it changed my life in a way I couldn’t have expected.

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