Sartoria book

Two thousand copies of the Sartoria book were printed in 2019 by Saenger Editores.
The book was designed by Savvy Studio, with photographs by Adrianna Glaviano, Marco Carboni, Araceli Paz and Rafael Gamo, and written by Marco Carboni.

“Sartoria: From Modena to Mexico City” explores the story of Italian chef Marco Carboni, while it is also an in-depth account of the restaurant Sartoria and its classic recipes.  

The book features a how-to section on how to make fresh pasta from scratch and in-house charcuterie. The last section is dedicated to explore local producers and their stories.  

What Savvy says about the approach:
“We looked to enhance the experience of the traditional Italian hands-on approach towards cooking, from the simplicity of the main ingredients to the perfect balance of a well-composed dish, expressed subtlety through the narrative, the materiality of the book and the graphic language.” 

The book is made in a blunt yet elegant and fluent editorial style that features both English and Spanish language in the same edition. All recipes are complete with procedure as well as some music recommendations for when one is cooking them.  

The photographic approach from NY based photographer Adrianna Glaviano is sometimes blunt, and at times poetic and ethereal.

A historical perspective on how and where pasta shapes traditionally originated is provided throughout the pasta section of the book.  
In the same chapter the autor also dispenses tips on how to cook and serve pasta, which utensils to use and which sauce to serve it with.

What SAVVY says about the design:
“The design for the book itself is inspired on the restaurant's philosophy: cooking based on tradition and human emotions that expresses in turn an intimate story, both artisanal and contemporary.
Craft is always present. Japanese binding was used to denote this openness, with a simple yellow thread, representing the ubiquitous spaghetti, is in fact the guiding thread of our storytelling.”


Sartoria the book is available on Amazon or you can buy a signed copy directly in Sartoria and Bottega.

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