Sete was a speakeasy wine bar in Colonia Juarez, Mexico City.
The architectural project and interiors were executed by Alonso de Gary of Taller ADG.

The bar is divided into two different spaces that provide a complete and diverse experience: the downstairs bar with its minimal, elegant look and the upstairs library-studio, chic and retro, evoking a classic 50’s Mexican style and completely candlelit.

Upstairs is in itself a speakeasy inside a spekeasy: the door that leades to the stairs is hidden, and the room offers only a limited capacity.
Here, a choice of six seasonal cocktails - classic and modern - is served alongside the famous Negroni that is always on the menu.   

Downstairs, Sete is a wine bar with hi-fi vynil played according to a curated musical selection. Wine is served by the glass, coravin and quartino only.
On the menu, there is a seasonal selection of small plates prepared a-la-minute, making the floor level experience almost like a Tokyo style bar.

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