My name is Marco Carboni.
The closest definition or label for me is: me. 
If you want to go down the rabbithole then you’ll experience who I am - however - I won’t put a label on it. 

This website is a brief, visual collection of past and current projects I co-created during the last seven years.
It is also a weekly journal, a way to share some thoughts and ideas about food, art, design, architecture, books, and the good things in life.
My intention is that this page helps shading a light and explaining who I am, while also being a way to document my own work, for myself and others. Sharing is caring.

In general, I enjoy creating stuff.  
Stuff can be: restaurants, a book, a beer,a wine shop or wine bar, recipes, architecture, an experience, a guide. You name it. In general it is ideas and concepts I personally consider valuable and inspiring. I don’t know what the future holds for me, I just know it will be wonderful. I tend to be quite intuitive in my creative process, a la Rick Rubin

I live happily in Colonia Roma, Mexico City.
In my younger years, I worked my ass in a number of good restaurants. I can’t pinpoint exactly when, but at some point I switched from being a cook to being a chef, then a restauranteur.
Nowadays I just create, and manage. 
I leave others to define what they want to call me. 
I would rather do. I think however that it’s important to just be sometimes, so I might  disappear for a while and not update this page.
Still, come back if you do enjoy :)  

I appreciate it if you reach out.

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